Kajol’s creative spark might just give script-writers ideas

The actress gives her take on remakes

Script-writers stuck for ideas, lend your ears to Kajol. She can rattle off some great leads, in these times of creative-drought. Even as remake season is upon us, with Judwaa 2 set for release, the feisty actress was asked whether there was any particular film of hers that would lend itself well to a remake. With her customary spark, she shot off, “I don’t think any of my films can be remade or even made into a sequel.” Even as she laughed off talk of a sequel to Gupt, in which she had played the antagonist, she giggled, “You want me to come and kill Bobby this time? Or maybe, my aatma will come or my daughter will avenge my death. Something like that will happen if there’s a sequel. But jokes apart, no, I don’t think there should be one.” Jokes apart, we repeat, there’s a couple of good idea in there, with talk of a blood-thirsty aatma et al. Ekta Kapoor, you listening?

The actress herself is in celebration mode now with Navratri here. She had taken to Twitter to post a picture from last year’s Durga pujo, sharing, “Last year she looked like this! Power crackling off her. Wonder what she will look like this year.”

Films are never totally off the platter though. Her latest release, the Tamil film VIP 2 co-starring Dhanush did not create waves. But fans will be waiting for her next, a Pradeep Sarkar-helmed project that co-stars her husband Ajay Devgn. The director, who has given us moving dramas like Parineeta and Laga Chunri Mein Daag, has confirmed, “Yes, we are doing a film with Ajay Devgn and Kajol, and we will start shooting soon too. I will be in a state to tell more soon, but for now I can only express happiness that we are working together.”

May we place on record our happiness as well? We think this pair is magic too!