I’m still asking myself ‘why?’: Emraan Hashmi on Cheat India title change

The actor's film's title was changed at the last minute by CBFC

File photo of Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is still reeling under the fact that his upcoming film’s name has been changed from Cheat India to Why Cheat India at the eleventh hour, so much so that his Twitter handle also has a ‘Why’ attached to it now. In an interview given to a leading daily, the actor spoke about the Censor Board’s decision regarding the film’s title and why the best people to explain the context of the film’s title will be the organization.

During the interview, Emraan was asked why is ‘why’ important in the context of his film’s title. To this, Emraan said, “This was an addition which came at the nth hour and we couldn’t argue because the film was close to release so we are just going along with the ‘why’ and I’m still asking myself ‘why?’. For me what’s confusing is that the promos were cleared with Cheat India, I would have imagined they would have had a problem then because they didn’t have a reference, right?”

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Emraan Hashmi

He further added, “Right now, they are seeing it in the context of the film, and suddenly, it’s objectionable. What I’m guessing is the two words, Cheat and India, in themselves have a negative connotation, it somewhere conveys that the makers want to promote cheating the country. But if you add the ‘why’, it would mean why would you want to cheat India, you shouldn’t. I’m confused, you’re confused, the audience is confused, only the Censor Board has an answer.”

Why Cheat India also stars Shreya Dhanwanthary and is directed by Soumik Sen. The film is scheduled to release on January 18.