Be Stupid: Vir Das advices students during a commencement speech at his Alma Mater

The funnyman does his thing again, even as he accepts his honorary doctorate

Vir Das, Boarding Das, Weirdass, whatever the name is – there is only one thing that comes to our minds when we hear of him – Laughter! Recently, the comedian-actor-singer Vir Das was at his Alma Mater to deliver a commencement speech addressing the new class of 2018 and accepting the honorary doctorate that the Knox College conferred to him. He did not shy away from being his usual funny self even at the formal occasion.

Vir eased the batch of 2018 with his crackling humour. From commenting about their outfits, the college and even a few jokes on him, he made sure the students felt warm and welcomed. Progressing away from the witticism, he told the students that it is very important to “be stupid” in every aspect of their lives, to have the courage to do something that society thinks is a ridiculous idea. The comedian then went on to talk about adulthood, love and owning each moment of one’s life.

As the drill always goes – be it his acting, singing or his stand up – his audiences were spellbound by the end of his speech. Applauses and cheers are now a common gesture every time Vir steps on to the stage.

When asked about his speech and the doctorate, he said, “I’m in my thirties and fully aware that I’ve got a lot to achieve before I can give a speech loaded with wisdom. So I tried to tell them something they wouldn’t normally hear. College kids today are extraordinarily smart and are already driven towards smart choices. The way I see it if you add one stupid thing to that universe of intelligence, life becomes a little more fun. It was an honour to speak to them and get my doctorate.”

Well, that is a wise thought, too. While Vir is gearing up for his show Whiskey Cavalier on ABC, he will be seen in two more Netflix special shows following the success of his previous comedy special Boarding Das.

Check out speech here: