Makers have given this liberty to push, hit and abuse people: Hina Khan calls ‘Bigg Boss 13’ ‘crazy’


Hina Khan who had her own share of controversies during her stint on Bigg Boss season 11 has termed this season as ‘crazy’. Speaking to a news agency, Hina said that Bigg Boss 13 has become ‘crazy’ with physical fights, altercations and name-calling but celebrities alone shouldn’t be held responsible. She said that the show is a hit because the viewers like to watch it,

Hina said, “After watching this season of Bigg Boss I’m like, ‘I didn’t do anything during my time on the show’. This season is crazy and people are out there. But I always feel we should not really blame the celebrities inside the house because they are being allowed to do that. I also don’t blame the makers and creators because that’s their format. They have given this liberty to push, hit and abuse people in this season. It wasn’t there in my season.”

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Hina blamed the audience and the show’s makers for the ugly turn Bigg Boss 13 has taken and said, “We, who are watching the show, are responsible. We wait for the next episode. They are giving people what they want to watch. If people stop watching the show, they will change the format.”

Bigg Boss 13 has already got an extension of five weeks as it emerged as the most popular season of the franchise. It is now nearing its finale which will be held this month.

(Source: PTI)