Why Ranbir, Sonam, Deepika have too much emotional baggage between them…

As this trio completes 10 years in Hindi films, here’s a blast from their connected past!

It is 10 years today that Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone made their debuts in Hindi films. It was on November 9, 2007 that both Saawariya starring Ranbir and Sonam, and Om Shanti Om, headlined by Shah Rukh and Deepika clashed at the box office. And since then, fate contrived to connect this trio in the oddest fashion…

Sonam had a huge soft spot for Ranbir

Back during the filming of their Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial, the young and lovely lead pair had apparently grown very close. During the film’s promotions at the time, Ranbir looked rather smitten by his co-star. Quizzed about whether he ever had any brotherly feeling for Sonam while they were growing up, Ranbir declared, “No I don’t think it was anything brotherly.

Sonam has always been this incredibly beautiful girl, and the best thing about Sonam is she’s so good at heart. There’s so much of goodness in her, there is no negativity. Whatever she says, it’s from the heart.” Sonam looked equally taken up with even Ranbir as she giggled, “Ranbir has always been this stud. All the girls always wanted him!…He likes to pull my leg a lot. But…And I like correcting everything he does, a lot!”
They were supposed to have dated during the making of the film but then it released, flopped and both went their separate ways… although the popular belief is that moving on was Ranbir’s idea all the way.

…But Ranbir was now in love with Deepika!

The same year that Saawariya released, Ranbir was already asking his Bachna Ae Haseeno co-star, Deepika out on a date. She had gushed then how their first date which was meant to be only lunch at Celini, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, dragged into “coffee; coffee became cheesecake; and cheesecake became movie.”


They started seeing each other on February 23, 2008, Deepika even had his name tattooed at the nape of neck and all seemed hunky dory… till the urge to wander hit Ranbir again. An illicit relationship with Katrina Kaif, while he was apparently still dating Deepika, drove the final nail in the coffin of their failed love. They parted bitterly in 2009.

Gals attack!

Both Ranbir’s exes came together on national TV via ‘Koffee With Karan’ to land a few shots at the man who had broken their hearts. While Deepika said that she would gift him a pack of condoms, Sonam pointed out that he needed a better stylist.

Both the girls also rated him very low on sex appeal and hinted about him being unfaithful in a relationship. An irked Ranbir, who was shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar, had made his displeasure all too evident on the sets, and hit back by dubbing Sonam ‘a drama queen’.

…But can Sonam and Deepika ever be friends?

Sonam has taken several digs at Deepika over the years. From giving fashion advice to her: “Create your own style,” to calling her a “good girl gone bad,” and even claiming Deepika had “an over enthusiastic PR team,” she hasn’t pulled her punches.



However, with Sonam finding love with Anand Ahuja, and Deepika too evidently in a committed relationship with Ranveer Singh, the ghosts of the past might just finally be put to rest!